turtle_goose (turtle_goose) wrote in icanhazintrsekt,

A few Macros...

Behind the cut!

Oh, potential spoiler for Season 2. Be warned!


Not technically a macro, but still fun. Poor Sarah. She is TOTALLY Chuck's beard. And Casey knows that Chuck is his. Poor Jill...she's going to be so disappointed. Chuck's moved on to bigger and better things...like an NSA agent named Casey.




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Very nice! Of course Sarah is the beard. She's too insecure to be anything else.
Surely she can't be THAT blind as to not notice the tension between Chuck and Casey?

I mean, there's been that tension burning between them since episode two of season one when Casey rear-ended Chuck. In the vehicles.

Sarah is either Chuck's beard, or Casey and Chuck are incredibly Bi. I kind of lean towards the latter, because I love me some Chuck/Casey/Sarah.
Yeah, that could be it, too. Do you know where I could find some good Chuck/Casey/Sarah?
Um, it's not necessarily romantic, but a great Chuck/Casey/Sarah fic that you could read is Chuck vs. The Middle. It's a fantastic read and author describes it as Pre-Casey/Chuck/Sarah. I love this fic so much and I was sad to see it end.

I'll have to do some digging. :D
Yes, I read that one, and I love it. I hope the author writes a sequel. Have to do some digging of my own. Thanks!
*laughs* Magic trick, that's funny!

I especially like the Sarah is the beard marco *grins*